Saturday, January 7, 2012

HOW TO: Battle the Common Beauty Mistakes

Hello bloggers!
We all have our own little bad beauty habit that we hope to conquer for this new year. However, there are many very common mistakes that some may not be aware of. So if you are interested in how to put a stop to these habits and make the most of your makeup keep reading..
1) Adding MORE makeup to cover up imperfections: Many believe that the more makeup you put on = more coverage. This is true but it would not give you the natural effect that is desired.
- Dry skin: The key is to moisturise. A dry face would be accentuated when product is applied on top. You should exfoliate to remove dead skin cells so you can regenerate healthy, new skin cells. This should be done about once a week (with consideration of how harsh the exfoliant is and your skin type).
-Acne prone skin: If you have acne, dont apply your foundation or concealer directly on the blemish this is both unsanitary and could cause further irritation. Instead, consider applying it around the acne because in these areas it is usually red which makes it appear larger than it really is. By doing so, the acne appears smaller and is able to breathe and dry up.
- Fine lines and wrinkles: Try applying a thin layer on your face. Then take a slightly damp sponge and dab it over your entire face and bend towards the neck. This will create that smooth, airbrushed effect. 

2) Adding plenty of conditioner all over your head: If you think about this logically, your roots contains the healthy hair that is newly grown so they do not need to be conditioned as much as the ends of your hair which can be easily dry and damaged. Applying too much conditioner by the roots could also weigh your hair down preventing it from reaching its voluminous potential and also make it appear more greasy. Tip: What I like to do is apply all of my conditioner on my tips and apply the remaining product that is left on my hands on the top of my head. I then tie my hair in a bun and perform the rest of my shower (like soap, wash my face, etc) trying to keep my hair away from the water. Then once completed, i rinse my hair. This makes my hair feel softer than its ever been before!
3) Perfume application: 
- Rubbing it on is very common especially when sprayed on the wrists. Some say that when you do this you are crushing the perfume's molecules which will lessen the strong scent, because it is "breaking down" the scent. So instead try letting it dry on its own
- Spraying it over your head so that it falls all over your body: This is a no no! Perfume tends to dry out your hair and even weigh your hair down. If your hair isnt freshly washed, it could also change the smell of the perfume when mixed with your natural oils. Best application is on your pulse points (wrists, back of knees, chest, neck...) because it'll be evenly distributed and warmed directly on the skin.
Myth or Fact? Some say that oily and darker skin tones hold on to scents longer than fair, and dry skin. Keep this in mind when deciding how many sprays you decide to use and you might also consider moisturising prior to application.

3) Contouring in solid lines: When people think of contouring, what comes to mind may be clear definition so this could lead to the assumption of using bronzer only at the cheekbones to accent them. However, this will be unflattering and make it more obvious that you are trying to achieve higher cheekbones. A more effective way would be blending the bronzer downwards toward the jawline and upwards to the temples and forehead. This will create an overall tapered look.

4) Using old eyeshadows: I am also guilty of this... but many believe that makeup is good until it is finished. However, eyeshadows especially dont run out for a while since we have so many options that they dont get as much love as say mascara which is used everyday. Therefore, the same eyeshadow could be kept in your beauty bag for years and just accumulate more and more germs. Try tossing some out and start fresh! Out with the old and in with the new :)
These are just a few mistakes that caught my eye, please share if you have any more that you haven noticed as well!
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  1. i'm guilty of no. 4... eye shadows do degrade overtime. they become crumbly and less pigmented.

  2. Thanks for the tips! Very thoughtful and informative post!

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