Saturday, January 7, 2012

HOW TO: Battle the Common Beauty Mistakes

Hello bloggers!
We all have our own little bad beauty habit that we hope to conquer for this new year. However, there are many very common mistakes that some may not be aware of. So if you are interested in how to put a stop to these habits and make the most of your makeup keep reading..
1) Adding MORE makeup to cover up imperfections: Many believe that the more makeup you put on = more coverage. This is true but it would not give you the natural effect that is desired.
- Dry skin: The key is to moisturise. A dry face would be accentuated when product is applied on top. You should exfoliate to remove dead skin cells so you can regenerate healthy, new skin cells. This should be done about once a week (with consideration of how harsh the exfoliant is and your skin type).
-Acne prone skin: If you have acne, dont apply your foundation or concealer directly on the blemish this is both unsanitary and could cause further irritation. Instead, consider applying it around the acne because in these areas it is usually red which makes it appear larger than it really is. By doing so, the acne appears smaller and is able to breathe and dry up.
- Fine lines and wrinkles: Try applying a thin layer on your face. Then take a slightly damp sponge and dab it over your entire face and bend towards the neck. This will create that smooth, airbrushed effect. 

2) Adding plenty of conditioner all over your head: If you think about this logically, your roots contains the healthy hair that is newly grown so they do not need to be conditioned as much as the ends of your hair which can be easily dry and damaged. Applying too much conditioner by the roots could also weigh your hair down preventing it from reaching its voluminous potential and also make it appear more greasy. Tip: What I like to do is apply all of my conditioner on my tips and apply the remaining product that is left on my hands on the top of my head. I then tie my hair in a bun and perform the rest of my shower (like soap, wash my face, etc) trying to keep my hair away from the water. Then once completed, i rinse my hair. This makes my hair feel softer than its ever been before!
3) Perfume application: 
- Rubbing it on is very common especially when sprayed on the wrists. Some say that when you do this you are crushing the perfume's molecules which will lessen the strong scent, because it is "breaking down" the scent. So instead try letting it dry on its own
- Spraying it over your head so that it falls all over your body: This is a no no! Perfume tends to dry out your hair and even weigh your hair down. If your hair isnt freshly washed, it could also change the smell of the perfume when mixed with your natural oils. Best application is on your pulse points (wrists, back of knees, chest, neck...) because it'll be evenly distributed and warmed directly on the skin.
Myth or Fact? Some say that oily and darker skin tones hold on to scents longer than fair, and dry skin. Keep this in mind when deciding how many sprays you decide to use and you might also consider moisturising prior to application.

3) Contouring in solid lines: When people think of contouring, what comes to mind may be clear definition so this could lead to the assumption of using bronzer only at the cheekbones to accent them. However, this will be unflattering and make it more obvious that you are trying to achieve higher cheekbones. A more effective way would be blending the bronzer downwards toward the jawline and upwards to the temples and forehead. This will create an overall tapered look.

4) Using old eyeshadows: I am also guilty of this... but many believe that makeup is good until it is finished. However, eyeshadows especially dont run out for a while since we have so many options that they dont get as much love as say mascara which is used everyday. Therefore, the same eyeshadow could be kept in your beauty bag for years and just accumulate more and more germs. Try tossing some out and start fresh! Out with the old and in with the new :)
These are just a few mistakes that caught my eye, please share if you have any more that you haven noticed as well!
Until next time, xox,

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 Favourites

Hello lovelies,
2011 has just flown by! Here are my beauty must haves...
Favourite Fragrance
-Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy. It has just the right amount of floral and fruity scents that creates a very fun and feminine perfume. My biggest pet peeve for perfumes are that they disappear right when the wind hits me, however THIS perfume literally attaches to your clothing and stays put!
Favourite Hair Products 
- Live Clean Leave in Conditioner is by far the most softening, non-greasy conditioning spray i have ever tried! It has extracts of argan oil that seals in the moisture, gives your hair a healthy shine while protecting it from UV rays! And its organic, what more could we ask for?! 
- John Frieda Root Booster spray really helps my flat, thin hair appear more voluminous and thick. This spray claims to thicken your strands and lifts the roots, and it really does!
Favourite Makeup Brushes
- Elf Studio Brushes have helped my application become much more flawless and fast. Which are my 2 favourite adjectives with describing my morning makeup routine. In particular, I love the Blush Brush, Small Smudge Brush and Eyeshadow C Brush!
Favourite Eyeshadow 
- Elf Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Pallet is my go to pallet. It has such a wide range of vibrant shadows and everyday neutrals that you could have fun with when putting on your makeup. 
Favourite Primer 
-Revlon Cream Eyeshadows have been a favourite of mine ever since i first started wearing makeup! They have a great selection and it doesnt crease at all for my slightly oily lids. When i apply a thin coating prior to powder shadows, i noticed that it limited fall out and made them appear truer in colour. 
Favourite Liquid Foundation
- Mary Kay TimeWise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation is so light that i find myself reaching for this when i go to work, evening outings and even more formal occasions because of its medium coverage! This combine with a stippling brush and im good to go!
Favourite Powder Foundation
- Mac Sheer/Loose Powder Foundation gives my skin such an even complexion that sometimes i dont even use liquid foundation beneath it! It is so light that it is buildable without the cakey appearance. This foundation has lasted me seasons, and i just cant get enough of it!
Favourite Concealer 
- Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller has been my saviour for those late night study periods. It contains caffeine and lemon which help reduce puffiness and "wakes up" the eyes. There are also light mineral pigments so it acts as a concealer as well. 
- Mary Kay Concealer is perfect for those blemishes, redness or dark circles that need more intense coverage! It doesnt make my face dry, its easily blended AND it doesnt budge throughout the day. This is by far my favourite concealer!
Favourite Highlighter
- Benefit High Beam is a liquid highlight which creates a dewy highlight that is perfect for the cheekbones. I was pretty sceptical about this because i am a fan of matte faces but recently i have grown to love the magic of highlighters!
 - Quo Concealer Pallet. I use the purple cream shade on my inner eyes, under my brows and above the cupids bow to instantly highlight these key areas. I find the purple really compliments my fair skin and brightens it very nicely! I also use the mint green shade to counteract any redness or veins that normally occur on my lids. I apply this especially on my inner lids to highlight and bring more attention to my eyes. 
Favourite Blush 
- Two Faced Snow Bunny Blush really surprised me! It was given by my beautiful sister and my first impression was wow thats A LOT of sparkle, i would not be able to pull this off. But because of my reason excitement for cheek highlights i thought the shimmer and white shade might look nice. So i took just one swipe over all the colours then blended them all together in circular motion from my apples to my temples. and wow.. it really made my cheeks glow! And with the bronze colour, it acted as a 3in1 powder; contour, highlight, blush!
- Estee Lauder Tender Blush has been the first blush that convinced my how big of an impact blush can have to a makeup look! It is so pigmented and very true to the colour you see in the pallet. So if you are looking to invest in a high quality matte blush, you have found it!
Favourite Bronzer 
- Pur Bronzer gives a nice, natural looking contour to my cheekbones. Since it looks so natural, i also apply it along my jawbone, chin, and the top of my forehead for a nice overall glow. 
Favourite Lip Liner 
- Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner. Lip liner normally scares people because they dont want that intense drawn on lip look, however this liner is so blendable and it gives such a full look that i would choose to wear just this than an actual lip colour! I specifically love the colour Addiction.
Favourite Lipstick 
- Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple is such a pretty, wearable red with a tint of orange. What i love most about it is how buildable it is! So it doesnt always have to be bright red but you could apply it so you just have a light wash of red to your lips. And the rumours are true.. it IS moisturizing!! 
Now we have reached the end! Heres to another amazing year :) Lets make it count

Saturday, September 24, 2011

GREAT DEALS: ELF 11 Piece Studio Brush Set for $5

Hey beauty lovers,
I am a big fan of ELF and they constantly have new discounts and deals on their already amazing and inexpensive products!
This month's deal:
Studio 11 Piece Brush Set for only $5 when you spend $25
Use discount code: 11FOR5
Set includes:
The Studio 11 Piece Brush Collection Includes:
  • Sleek, Water-Resistant Case
  • Eyeshadow "C" Brush
  • Complexion Brush
  • Small Angled Brush
  • Small Smudge Brush
  • Fan Brush
  • Powder Brush
  • Angled Foundation Brush
  • Concealer Brush
  • Small Precision Brush
  • Blush Brush
  • Contouring Brush
Happy shopping!
Until next time, xox,

PERSONALIZED: Perfect Eyebrows for YOUR face shape

Hey lovelies,
Brows are my obsession. To me, they determine how polished and put together one looks. Here are some tips that i have been using for the past two years, hope this helps you as well!
1) Take a pencil and align it by the side of your nose: This should be the starting point of your brows
2) Now keep one end of the pencil by your nostril and align the pencil across the center of your pupil: This should be your arch of the brows
3) Keeping one end by your nostril, align it to the ends of your eyes: This is where your brow should end.
Now that you have the general shape, you can begin plucking to your desired thickness!
- If you have feminine, and delicate features stick to thinner brows so that they do not over power your other features. For strong and bold features, thicker brows will match more.
4) With an eyebrow brush, groom the hairs upwards and trim the longer strands for a cleaner, less bushy look.
5) Finish them off by using an angled brush and a shadow that matches the colour of your brows lightly fill in your brows.

Having trouble determining the most flattering eyebrow shape? Then keep reading!
For Round Faces:
-Arched brows that extend pass your eye will keep the attention away from the width of your face and instead elongate it giving a slimmer appearance!
For Long Faces:
-Straighter brows with a slight curve will flatter long faces more because it assists in balancing and adding dimension to the width of the face.
For Square Faces:
-Brows that accelerates high then curves at the arch is the most flattering because it softens the edges of the face for a more delicate look.

Until next time, xox,

Friday, September 16, 2011

REVIEW: Rimmel Fall Lipsticks

Hello friends,
Whenever you are having a lazy day the easiest quick fix would be winged liner and bold lips. Desiring this look, i searched for affordable lipstick to add colour to my normal everyday look.
The two i purchased were the Rimmel 082 Heavenly and the 166 Temptation.
Heavenly: Subtle berry, pink shade. Purple lips are getting a lot of hype this fall so i thought i would try it out!
-Its different, and i have nothing like it yet.
-Its a wearable way to follow this season's trend.
-VERY affordable ($3.99 + tax CND)
-Add a pop of colour to a makeup look
-Glides on smoothly and doesnt accent dry lips like many lipsticks tend to do.
-A bit too light for my taste.
-Not very flattering for my skin tone
-Smudges on items that touch it; drinking glass, napkins, etc.
TIP! If you dont like a shade of lipstick dont fret and throw it away, mix it with other shades! I like to use a lip liner underneath or add a gloss on top. Be creative. For this berry shade that is too light/bright for me i would add a liner under that is 1-2 shades darker to cancel it out OR i put a pink gloss on top so that the pink stands out rather than the berry purple.

Temptation:Classic bright red lip stick. This would be suitable for a night out or formal/semi formal event!
-Flattering, and wearable red lipstick. Its hard to find the right red lip stick for your skin tone so be sure to do A LOT of swatches before purchasing!
-Glides on smoothly and doesnt accent dry lips like many lipsticks tend to do.
-Doesnt require a gloss
-Red lipsticks instantly makes your teeth look extra white :P
-Smudges on items that touch it; drinking glass, napkins, etc.

Hope you found this helpful! What lipsticks do you recommend?
Until next time, xox,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TUTORIAL: Formal Makeup

Hey lovely people,
I was given the opportunity to do my beautiful friend, Kristine's, makeup for a wedding reception! I am so unbelievably grateful that she trusted me with this important event and I couldn't be happier :)
So this is the trial of the completed look...

Products and tips I used:
-Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation. Kristine already has a beautiful complexion so i only added liquid foundation to her t zone, and nose then blended out (TIP: Only apply liquid foundation to problem areas to avoid a thick, cakey feeling).
-Revlon Photo Ready Concealer to any areas that need to be evened out such as under the eyes, under the nostrils and a tad on the chin.
-Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation (TIP: For mineral powders, it is best to apply in circular motion).
-Coral, Pink Blush from my Sephora Pallet.
-Pur Bronzer. Contour the cheek bones, forehead, and chin for a slimmer effect.
-Revlon Cream Shadow. Shimmery brown base for the shadows all over the upper lid. (TIP: Cream shadows make powders more vibrant and the pigments will attach to the sticky, cream texture making it last longer)
-Shimmery Grey-Brown shadow from the Sephora Pallet on the mid lid and blended.
-Matte Brown shadow from the Sephora Pallet on the outer v and blended with the grey-brown (TIP: Mixing matte and shimmer will create dimension and drama to the eyes).
-Shimmery White shadow from the Sephora Pallet. Highlight the inner corners and under the brows (TIP: For highlighting, it is best to use a white shadow with hints of shimmer so they reflect and attract light).
-NYX Black Eyeliner and lined the top and bottom lash lines
-Matte Black eye shadow from the Sephora Pallet. With angled liner brush, i set the eyeliner (TIP: This makes it last longer without smudging!)
-Brown shadow and filled in the brows
-Half lashes on the outer corners of the eyes (TIP: Take a normal false lash and cut it in half to get 2 half lashes! Half lashes create a more natural look).
-Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara to blend natural lashes with the false lashes for a more realistic look.
-Finished the look with a coral lip gloss from the Sephora pallet.
 Until next time, xox,

Saturday, September 10, 2011

FALL TREND: Multi-Coloured French Manicure

Hey lovely :)

So, I've been dying for a simple, quick yet trendy nail looks to try this fall but i couldnt seem to find one i loved... till NOW!
These multi-coloured nail tips add personality and drama to the nails.
TIP: Use tape and create an outline of the tip of the nail. paint above the tape and when its dry peel it off. This will give you a defined and even line!

Until next time, xox,