Saturday, September 24, 2011

PERSONALIZED: Perfect Eyebrows for YOUR face shape

Hey lovelies,
Brows are my obsession. To me, they determine how polished and put together one looks. Here are some tips that i have been using for the past two years, hope this helps you as well!
1) Take a pencil and align it by the side of your nose: This should be the starting point of your brows
2) Now keep one end of the pencil by your nostril and align the pencil across the center of your pupil: This should be your arch of the brows
3) Keeping one end by your nostril, align it to the ends of your eyes: This is where your brow should end.
Now that you have the general shape, you can begin plucking to your desired thickness!
- If you have feminine, and delicate features stick to thinner brows so that they do not over power your other features. For strong and bold features, thicker brows will match more.
4) With an eyebrow brush, groom the hairs upwards and trim the longer strands for a cleaner, less bushy look.
5) Finish them off by using an angled brush and a shadow that matches the colour of your brows lightly fill in your brows.

Having trouble determining the most flattering eyebrow shape? Then keep reading!
For Round Faces:
-Arched brows that extend pass your eye will keep the attention away from the width of your face and instead elongate it giving a slimmer appearance!
For Long Faces:
-Straighter brows with a slight curve will flatter long faces more because it assists in balancing and adding dimension to the width of the face.
For Square Faces:
-Brows that accelerates high then curves at the arch is the most flattering because it softens the edges of the face for a more delicate look.

Until next time, xox,


  1. Ah, I need to work on my brows...I never do them!

  2. Haha i know what you mean Larie! I struggle with maintaining clean brows too :P