Saturday, August 20, 2011

TRENDS: Matchy Makeup

Hello :)
I just watched one of my favourite youtube gurus Lisaeldridgedotcom's video tutorial on "matchy makeup". And i absolutely fell in love with her simple, yet beautiful look! She played up a rusty brown colour on her eyes, cheeks, lips and nails and the result was stunning!!
Check out her video to see what i mean :)
Wait... what is "matchy makeup" you ask?
Well its basically choosing a flattering colour for you and incorporating it in many aspects of your makeup. For example, you have brown eyes you my want to use purple tones to bring out your eyes. So you could use dark purple eye liner, highlight with a light lavender, contour lightly with a plum blush, and finish it off with a purple manicure +pedicure. Its that easy!
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