Saturday, August 20, 2011

DID YOU KNOW?: Harmful Effects of Sleeping with Makeup

Hey ladies and gents,
I just arrived home from a wedding so i was tired, full and lazy. I was also wearing twice as much makeup than i normally do. I was tempted to just lie down in bed and fall asleep... instead i remembered these facts that i will share with you :)
-Sleeping with a layer of chemicals on your face clogs your pores. Pores release our sweat (which removes germs, dirt, dead skin cells, and other substances in the process) and also sebum which assists in moisturising and protecting the skin.
-Could lead to break outs, black outs and/or irritation.
-The longer and more you apply mascara, the weaker your lashes get causing fall out. Imagine, keeping it on overnight!
-Any makeup near the eye could cause infection or red eyes in the morning.
-Cell renewal occurs only while you sleep. So the thick layer of makeup will prevent your skin from fully repairing.
Hope you found this helpful! Take about 5 minutes to properly removing your makeup and cleansing your face :)
Until next time, xox,
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