Saturday, July 16, 2011

DID YOU KNOW?: Foods to Beautify You Inside AND Outside

Have you ever wondered what the foods you consume do to your body? Well they are essential for normal body functioning, increase your immune system to fight off diseases, maintain a healthy dietary lifestyle, and it could also affect your appearance!
Of course we have all heard of the well known natural essentials (oatmeal, water, cucumbers, etc) however there are many other foods that shockingly work wonders! If you are interested in learning some of these examples keep reading :)
Apple Cider Vinegar: It is an enzyme rich substance that maintains the moisture in the skin as well as remove dead skin cells leaving a smooth surface. When consumed it assists in breaking down fat for proper digestion. DIY treatments: Use as a toner. Apply to sun burnt skin to reduce effects. If you have dandruff, massage on scalp (this restores the scalp to proper pH balance). Some use it accompanied by water as a soak for their warts.
Carrots: Reduces the appearance of aging by protecting the skin. Carrots are very high in nutrients including: Potassium (maintains a regular heartbeat), Vitamin B (increase metabolism), Vitamin C (protects and strenghtens cells) and Vitamin A (improves eye sight).
DIY treatments: Paired with other ingredients it is a good deep conditioner, and skin care (Have you ever tried the brand "Yes to carrots"?)
Cheese: It is very high in calcium so it helps to maintain strong, cavity-less teeth! They also assist in strengthening your bones to prevent injury, strengthen the liver and also for nutrient absorption.
DIY treatments: Mix Cheshire Cheese with whole cream to create a facial!
Citrus Fruits: They are rich in Vitamin C (boost your immune system and assists in stronger bones), and they are excellent antioxidants. They help hold your skin cells together which will give you a youthful glow.
DIY treatments: Rub orange peels on your nails to keep them healthy and refreshed. Grapefruits and oranges make great toners! Tangerine and cream create a nice body cream. Lemon and water help moisturize and exfoliate your feet.
Cranberries: Assists in a healthy urinary tract, fights infection and diseases. They also assist in fighting plaque.
DIY treatments: Rinse mouth to help your teeth. If you have dry skin, mix apple, cranberry and flaxseed oil to create a mask. Mixed with other ingredients, you could also create a scrub to fight cellulite!
Garlic: They help fight against wrinkles by restoring skin tissues. High in antioxidants and antibiotics that help in blood circulation, and enhancing the immune system.
DIY treatment: Condition hair by adding garlic and extra virgin olive oil. A garlic mask helps treat acne prone skin. Use garlic on brittle nails for hardening.
Tomatoes: They are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium. They are very powerful and fight off many diseases and illnesses.
DIY treatments: Mixed with honey it is an amazing pore tightener. Scrubs are normally promoted to dry skins but if you have oily skin pair tomatoes with rice then gently exfoliate. Tomato paste treats fresh pimples.
Wheat Germ (Seed of wheat grains): They are essential in a healthy diet because they are filled with vitamins, porteins, fiber and minerals. It smooths, and repairs the skin's natural oils.
DIY treatments: To get rid of pimples you should include two or three tablespoons a day in your diet. Apply wheat germ oil to reduce stretch marks. On damp hair, apply to the dry and brittle ends.

*Make sure if you are to try any of these DIY treatments to first test it on a small patch of skin on your face, neck or wrist! This is essential for sensitive skin to eliminate the risk of irritation.

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