Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TUTORIAL: Wedding Makeup

Hi beautiful people,
On August 20th I went to my cousins wedding. Not only was I happy for him and his wife BUT i was also excited to do my makeup...
The goal for formal makeup is to make sure it is long lasting, photographs well and its also a chance to try something new, something that you won't normally do on a daily basis.

1) Garnier anti dark circle eye roller to conceal my eye circles and reduce puffiness.
2) Revlon Photo Ready Foundation and used it to further cover my dark circles and any blemishes or red areas (concentrate on your Tzone, around the nose and the chin).
TIP #1: In my opinion, the photo ready foundation works better as an undereye cover-up than the actual concealer. The concealer seems to melt off during the day.
3) MAC Mineral Powder Foundation to set my liquid foundation. Apply evenly to face and neck.
TIP #2: Blending at the neck prevents harsh lines and makes your makeup look much more natural.
4) Sephora Pallet Blush on the apples of my cheeks and blended it upwards toward my temples. I used the dark coral with hints of golden shimmer blush.
TIP #3: Spreading your blush and bronzer to your temples not only helps contour your face but also warms up the look.
5) Pur Bronzer right under my cheekbones, then i blended it up along my forehead close to my hairline, towards my temples then down to the side of my jaw and my chin.
TIP #4: If you want to contour your face with bronzer but you dont know where to properly apply it think of it as a "3" shape along your face. This will be the best cheat for a smaller looking face!
-on to the eyes
1) Urban Decay Primer Potion all over my top and bottom lids so my shadow stays on all day.
2) Revlon Cream Shadow lightly on my top lids. This will be a great additional base for your powdered shadows. I used a nude colour so when i apply the shadows on top, the colour will appear more vibrant.
TIP #5: When using cream shadows, make sure you dont over apply because this will cause creasing throughout the day. Just a thin layer will do just the trick!
3) Lorac Shimmery Eye Shadow in Serenity was applied on my top lids starting from my inner corner and blended to my mid lid.
4) Wales Shadow Pallet. I used a dark brown shadow and applied it on my outer V. I also applied it heavily on my crease and blended it above.
TIP #6: If you want to accentuate your double eye lid, look straight into the mirror and place your brush right at the crease (Your brush should sink in). Use a wind shield wiper motion all along your crease.
5) Wales Shadow Pallet. To warm up the look i used a colour i never use, red! I applied it just above my crease where the dark brown was added and blended the two colours together.
6) Physicians Formula 2in1 Liner.
7) Curled lashes slightly. I cut my fake lashes in half and applied it on the outer lashes. This creates a natural, flirty effect. Its also much, much more easier to apply if you are just starting!
8) Applied mascara to blend together my lashes and the fake lashes.
9) Black liner to tight line my top and bottom water line. This also decreases the obviousness of fake lashes.
10) NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk on my inner corners and under my brow bone to brighten up the look.
1) Annabelle dark brown eyeshadow and applied it on my brows. (I am currently trying to grow out my brows, so if they look messy bare with me! haha)
2) Took a brow comb to neaten up my brows
TIP #7: Brush upwards then outwards at the arch. This will properly tame them and slightly open up the eye area.
3) Anastasia Clear Brow Gel so that it stays put throughout the day.
-lastly, the lips
1) MAC Lipglass in Underage evenly on my lips.
2) Revlon Lipstick in Just Enough Buff evenly on top of the lipglass.
3) Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Addiction.
TIP #8: For fuller looking lips, line just outside of your natural lip line. Also highlight the cupids bow with a matte white liner. If you want a more in depth tutorial let me know in the comments!
TIP #9: You may be wondering... uh Kristi, Why are you applying the lip products backwards? Don't most people use liner, lipstick THEN lipgloss? In my opinion, this works the best but only for nude, pale lip combinations. MACs underage was more pigmented than the Revlon lipstick so by adding it first increased the longevity of the lip colour. I am also a big fan of defined yet natural lip liner, by adding it last increased the intensity.
Wow, that was long! I hope you found it helpful. Show me your wedding looks :)
Until next time, xox,

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