Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PERSONALIZED: Make-up for your eye shape!

Make-up is universal and is open ended for your creativity. But have you ever thought about what flatters your eyes? One's natural features such as their eye shape could be enhanced with the following tips!

Asian eyes
-LINER: Apply a thin liner from the inner corners and gradually increase thickness to make the eyes appear rounder. Line the water line with a white eye pencil for a bigger and more awake effect. 
-EYE SHADOW: Keep it light and neutral. To accentuate the eyelids you should add a dark brown eye shadow all along the crease. 
-MASCARA: Keep the bottom lashes muted however apply a thick coat of lengthening mascara focusing on the outer corners to open up the eyes. 
-EYEBROWS: Groomed, and thin eyebrows will be best suited because it creates the illusion of a larger surface area and also draws more attention to the eyes. 
Close-set eyes
-LINER: Thick, winged out eye liner will suit these eyes best. Apply black eye liner to the lower lash line. 
-EYE SHADOW: Apply a dust of dark eye shadow to contour the eye shape. Start from the outer edges connecting both top and bottom lids for the appearance of wider eyes. 
-MASCARA: Use volumizing mascara rather than lengthening formula to add fullness too the lashes. 
-EYEBROWS: Let them dip a bit lower following the lining of the nose and let it gradually become thinner on the outer edges. This will balance out the eye area. 
Hooded eyes (minimal eyelids)
-LINER: Only line the upper water line because too much liner will make eyes appear smaller. 
-EYE SHADOW: Highlight the brow bone and lower lash line by adding a light, cream shimmer. This will give an instant lift! Add a darker, matte shade to the crease for added dimension. 
MASCARA: Apply an even coat on all lashes to define the eyes even further. 
EYEBROWS: An overall straight brow with a small arch will attract more attention to these eye shapes. 
Large eyes and very defined lids
-LINER: Grey liner from the inner to the outer corners to add more shape to the eyes. 
EYE SHADOW: Use a black eye shadow on the outer v of the lids and the crease. Apply a metallic grey shade on the center and blend! Dark shadows will make the lids appear smaller and add definition. 
MASCARA: Apply on all lashes slanting them outwards to create the appearance of oval eyes. 
EYEBROWS: Brows that arch lower on the outer rims will counter the roundness creating balance.
Slanted outward eyes
-LINER: Thicken the eye liner and create a defined wing to create the look of a slight lift. 
EYE SHADOW: Darken the outer edges of the lids focusing on stroking upwards. Highlight with a pearl white shadow on the outer and inner corners of the lower lash line and blend inwards. This will brighten and heighten the eye area. 
MASCARA: Apply a volumized, thick coat of mascara on the top and bottom lashes for a dramatic appearance. 
EYEBROWS: Straight brows with a defined arch extending as low as possible. This will create dimension to the outer parts of the eye area. 

I hope you found this helpful! If you have any questions or requests please leave a comment below :) 
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