Monday, May 9, 2011

QUICK TIP: How to make your lip gloss stay longer

Lip gloss: The key to highlight and volumize your lips. But how can you achieve this if your lip gloss starts to disappear throughout the day? Here are some tips to prolong the shine!

  1. MOISTURISE! In my opinion this is the most important step. Healthy and soft lips will create a smooth canvas for your lip gloss. It will also prevent the gloss from attaching to the fine lines of your lips which will accentuate the dryness and make them appear unflattering. So, before you apply the lip gloss you should use a thin layer of lip balm as a base. 
  2. LIP STICK, BLOT, REPEAT! Use a lip stick that goes well with your lip gloss. A touch of colour will go a looong way. First apply the lip stick evenly on your lips. Then use a piece of tissue paper and dab it on your lips, this removes excess lip stick and allow the leftover lipstick to settle in. This is optional, add a thin swipe of lip stick again for extra colour to the lips, then blot!
  3. POWDER! Believe it or not but if you apply some powder (lip powder or even your foundation powder) on your lips it will help absorb the gloss that you apply afterwards. This also prevents the lip gloss from melting or smudging throughout the day!
  4. GLOSS TIME! You are now ready to apply your favourite gloss! I suggest to only apply gloss to the middle sections of the lips (Around the cupids bow and also on the mid bottom lip). This creates the illusion of healthy, plump lips! It also doesn't make your lips look overwhelmed with shine, but instead adds shine to the areas that will attract the light the most.

I hope this helped!
Enjoy the amazing spring weather xoxo,



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